3 Simple Tricks to Score High in JEE Mains

Every candidate aspiring to study in the esteemed IITs must first clear the JEE mains. In many cases, the pressure gets to the students and they stumble on the day of the examination. There are also cases where students fail to answer a question during the examination but are able to solve it with ease once the pressure of the examination room is lifted off their shoulders. To help students deal with this crippling pressure, here are 3 Simple Tricks to Score High in JEE Mains.

Know the Format of the Question Paper

Familiarity with the format of the question paper will keep you prepared for the challenging questions to come. JEE Main Sample Papers are a great place to start. Knowing more about the question paper will also help keep your self-confidence levels up. Revisiting previous question papers is also a great idea.

Stay Optimistic

Many a time, the first glance at a question paper can start a forest fire of panic in a students brain. Even if the questions appear unfamiliar to you, stay calm and reassure yourself that you’re well prepared and that you can crack those questions. It is much easier to apply yourself and logically break down unfamiliar problems in a calm state of mind. If you find yourself panicking, taking a minute or two and focusing on long, deep breaths is a good idea.

Be Comfortable with the Allotted Time

The concept of negative marking heavily punishes students who make silly blunders while rushing through questions in order to cover up for lost time. The 3 Hours of time allotted to attempt the examination is the most valuable resource for every candidate of the JEE mains. Candidates must be comfortable with solving the entire paper in this time frame and also saving some time to review their answers. Attempting JEE Main Mock Tests while strictly adhering to the 3-hour time limit will help you use your time judiciously on the actual day of the examination.

Pressure is a part of life for everyone. Dealing well with pressure is a quality that often separates the high performers from the rest of the crowd. Students who face difficulty performing under pressure can utilize the pointers provided in this article. Here’s a useful link to help you solve Complex JEE Problems: