5 College Major Myths That Can Kill Your Career

A major is the “major” part of your college degree program. The significance of choosing a major is what makes it worth your attention.

Unfortunately, many students make the wrong choice of major and quit the program in the middle which only wastes their time and money. Majority of the time, it is the false notions that make them select a wrong major only to abort it later.

If you are also having afterthoughts for your college major because you believe in some false notions then you might be considering these myths about choosing a college major:

1.     A Degree in STEM Major Offers You a Highly Well-Paid Job

While it is true that a major in STEM has the potency to offer you a lucrative career, the dynamics of the job in different sectors vary. So the viability of different majors varies in terms of the value it offers to an organization.

The financial aspect of a job is not utterly associated with the major but the nature of the job. In other words, a degree in STEM is not always going to give you a highly well-paid job.

2.     It is Easier to Change a Major Any Time

For some students, changing a major is like a piece of cake. What they forget is that they have to go through a significant loss of time and money due to the decision which can cost them financial stress. Remember that changing a major is not as easy as it seems.

Apart from going through the various procedural and technical requirements of the college, the transition also causes a major stress and embarrassment. A piece of advice would be:

“Don’t choose a major in haste under the wrong notion that you would easily switch it if you feel disgruntled at any point of time.”

3.     A Major In Liberal Arts Doesn’t Offer a Lucrative Career

That’s not true. In fact, a major in liberal arts can offer some very good jobs. Since the major subjects are grammar, rhetoric, and logic, people consider it as an offbeat area that doesn’t offer any real value in terms of finances. However, the recent studies have suggested the otherwise.

The majority of subjects in liberal arts deal in thinking and rhetoric which can offer some really good careers in the media, writing, and education industry. The only thing that causes you some stress is the academic papers but then you can take help from an assignment writing service at any time.

4.     A Major Doesn’t Really Matter

Wrong. A major is crucial not only to build skills in a particular subject but it also sets a line of career path. Today, more employers prefer fresh graduates with a proven academic record in a specific academic discipline than someone who has acquired a random education without any major subject.

5.     You MUST Choose a Major Early in the College

Many students wrongly believe that choosing a major early in college is the best strategy. However, it is not always the right move.

Nowadays, the colleges have designed meta-majors programs which educate students in different academic disciplines so that they can build the grounding of the subjects and then pick the most appropriate subject based on their preferences. This is a much better approach that helps students make the right decision regarding their college major.

Choosing a major can make or break your college degree program. So stop believing in these myths and make a decision on logic and facts.