Edtech Should Complement, Not Replace Traditional Education Techniques

There’s not much happening in the Indian education sector, in fact, there’s a struggle going on. The tussle is against outdated curriculum and archaic education techniques. Educomp Shantanu Prakash, the founder of Educomp Solutions, an education technology company, states that the sector needs new thinking, and radical steps.

The education technology companies provide ICT classrooms, Virtual Reality systems, interactive videos, and smartboards that make learning an experience to remember. A lesson during a history class on Ancient Greek culture can be made 10X better if there’s a 3D video on the same loaded into a virtual reality system. That way, students can take in the full essence of the Greek history.

For teacher, Internet of Things is creating an easy environment with the help of a network of devices. The collection of different machines that include security cameras, fingerprint sensors, and digital notebooks ensure that the students are safe, using their time in the school well, and are learning as they should. This is very handy, especially when there’s a single education institute that teaches students from multiple towns surrounding it.

In spite of all the above, however, education technology solutions should not aim to replace traditional education techniques completely. Although some of the traditional teaching modules are becoming obsolete due to edtech solutions, the core of teaching remains the same. It’s feelings and emotions conveyed by teachers that do the real trick. The aim of edtech should be to complement these emotions in order to create an atmosphere that does not intimidate students.