Why Quran reading is necessary?

Allah sent the Prophets and Messengers as advisers for humanity in the prior periods, yet our Holy Prophet (SAWW) is the last Prophet Allah, no Prophet or Messenger will come to manage humankind onto the correct way. Since Allah will send no more Prophets and Messengers now, who will manage humanity to the correct path? Who will reveal to us the target of our lives? Who will ensure that Muslims don’t steer away from the way of Allah? The lessons of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) and the lessons of Quran are currently among us to lead and guide us onto the way of Allah.

The Quran is the Holy Book of Allah and it is the complete code of life. It shows us how to experience our lives, and even gives us the answers to our issues. To realize what the Quran tells and shows us, it is basic to read and learn the Quran.

 Why choose My Quran teaching academy?

There are numerous Quranteaching academies that provide online classes like http://myquranteaching.com/. My Quran teaching institute is one whereMuslims of all ages and regions can read, learn and understand the Holy Quranonline and offline, with all the rules of Tajweed. It is the only online Quranteaching foundation that has the biggest community of Muslim educators and Qaristo instruct the Quran and help the Muslims to read and understand the Holy Bookproperly and perfectly. Each student is given special attention in order tomeet their learning needs. Individual and professional tutors were appointingfor each student. They also provide an option of male and female instructors sothat girls who are not comfortable with male tutors don’t face any difficulty.These female tutors are also equally experienced and professional like maletutors. It enables and encourages you to read, recite, and learn the Holy Bookof Allah. In addition, you can keep your revision of the Quran whenever andwherever you want. There is absolutely no limitation of the time and regions ofaccessing the content of the prestigious online Quran teaching academy, whichoffers its services to you in a most homely and a most user-friendly manner.

It provides a set of different courses which includes:

  • Reading of Noorani Qaida
  • Reading of Quran
  • Memorization of Quran
  • Quran translation
  • Islamic activities including Masnoon Duas, prayers, Ayat –ul-Qursi etc.
  • Hadith and Tafseer

Quran Reading and Recitation is necessary for every Muslim, we should doeverything we can to get the maximum knowledge of Islam for the betterment ofSociety and ourselves.