Look at a person’s inner world from his or her behavior in front of the elevator door.

When you are waiting for the elevator, you:

  1. walk around
  2. Keep pressing the button
  3. Keep your eyes on the elevator without pay attention to anything else
  4. Looking around

Test results:

  1. You are very sensitive person. You are emotionally rich and perceptive. You trust your intuition and judgment. In real life, you are sensitive and good at art.
  2. You are a very impatient person. You have a strong sense of time and efficiency. You’re likeable and approachable, but you’re emotional and self-centered. You often ignore the feelings of others after you set clear goals.
  3. You are rational, prudent and cautious. You don’t like to meddle in other people’s affairs. You’re organized and trusted, but you don’t like to take risks.
  4. You seem more reticent and do not like to speak out in public. In fact, you are kind, sincere, frank and helpful. But you are not good at rejection and lack of principles.
  5. You are very defensive and do not want to show others your inner world easily. But you also have advantages, such as intellectual curiosity and easy to get success.